Stop Smart Meters! Opposes AB 2395- would destroy landlines without offering any benefits

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From Save Landlines:

From: Joshua Hart <>

Subject: Stop Smart Meters! Opposes AB 2395- would destroy landlines without offering any benefits

Date: May 4, 2016 at 12:43:49 PM PDT


Dear Ms. Galehouse,

AB2395 is a bill that would allow AT&T to eliminate our essential copper landline network and along with it thousands of solid, good-paying union jobs, while reducing consumer choices, cutting off people who can only use wired communications systems (including seniors, rural residents and those with electro-sensitivity) and destroying an essential wired back-up communication system, while only offering vague references to alleged benefits.

Cell phone systems are highly dependent on the electric grid which is prone to outages, particularly during natural or manmade disasters.  See the following piece on NPR about the lack of reliability of wireless telecommunications during Hurricane Sandy.  Without even the option of landlines, which tend to continue to operate…

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TrailerPark-ocide, PublicHousing-ocide, Demolition Derbies, & the Homeless

Is California suffering from TrailerTrash-ocide and Pauper-ocide?    Image result for THE church BELLs toll for thee

In 1981, California’s former governor — who himself had grown up poor — declared a War on the Poor, and a War on Public Housing.

California mayors like San Francisco’s Diane Feinstein bulldozed the resulting communities of former public housing refugees, and closed down public restrooms to tourists and locals alike.

What was left for the poor to live in?  Only the mobile home parks.

But today, California’s greedy developers are running out of land to bulldoze, and are also now attacking the Golden State’s fewer and fewer trailer parks.

In El Cerrito, according to the East Bay Express, “An El Cerrito townhome development is displacing longtime tenants from an affordable RV park — in a case that reveals the lack of protections for the region’s most vulnerable renters.”

Similarly, in Palo Alto, according to KGO ABC 7, “The tide may be turning for more than 400 hundred people facing eviction from a mobile home park in the heart of Silicon Valley.
… Buena Vista Mobile Home Park is the last community of its kind in Palo Alto. The tight knit community is made up of mostly low income Latino families who work in the wealthy neighborhoods around them.”

Ten years ago, in swiftly-gentrifying San Francisco, that city’s last RV park got demolished to make room for upscale shopping in the now-pricey Mission Bay/ ATT PARK neighborhood.

Remember this thought, however:  In the only-slightly-altered words of the poet John Donne, “ASK NOT FOR WHOM THE HOMELESS BELL RINGS.  IT TOLLS FOR THEE.”  Image result for THE church BELLs toll for thee

TPP’s Last Hurdle: Today

Today’s the last hurdle for the TPP. How will Congress vote?

Thom Hartmann talks with Congressman Alan Grayson, U.S. Congressman (D-FL, 9th District) about multinational corporations, ‘fake’ trade agreements, and oligarchy.

Obama’s Fast-Track Trade Bill Poised to Clear Final Senate Hurdles

President Obama’s fast-track trade bill is poised to clear a procedural hurdle Tuesday in the Senate, all but ensuring it will win final passage this week and be sent to the White House for his signature.

Despite deep reservations from many in the president’s party, enough Democratic senators appear ready to join most Republicans to finish the legislation, which has sputtered in Congress but is a top White House priority.

— Lisa Mascaro, LA Times

Powerful figures in Congress are pressing to fast-track the TPP – for their own personal gain. It is BIG payback time for generous campaign contributions from wealthy special interest groups – and for future…

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On What Planet Does Gentrified Mean Affordable?

On What Planet Does HOUSING ONLY FOR THE GENTRY Mean “Progressive Affordable Housing”? — On Planet Greater Silicon Valley, California, that’s where!

In San Francisco (Northern Silicon Valley), Supervisors are contemplating a moratorium on Mission District housing, lest every last scrap of potential affordable housing land be EATEN-UP — lickety-split — by Gazillionaires-Only McMansions!

But two San Francisco Supervisors, Scott Wiener and Mark Farrell, are opposed to this legislation.  These same two Supervisors — Weiner & Farrell — also favor tenancies in common (TICs) apartment conversions, a vehicle whereby currently rent-protected tenants may be “legally” evicted, en masse.

Image result for gentrify

Referring to the Mission Moratorium proposal, Supervisor Mark Farrell has been reported as saying that that proposal would endanger efforts to cope with the current affordable housing crisis.

On the other hand, in the words of the San Francisco blog, “There’s nothing crazy about the idea that too many high-end condos can ruin a working-class neighborhood.”

Meanwhile — just across the Bay in Oakland — tenant-landlord disputes are raising questions about that city’s process for protecting rent-control tenants, when their buildings are purchased.  After buying a dozen Oakland properties, a real estate investor has repeatedly violated city codes — and tenants say the new landlord is trying to push them out with constant construction.

Ask not the reason why, though.  Because all we know is to Gentrify, or Die!Image result for gentrify

Did the CIA Assassinate David Carr Of NY Times After Interviewing Edward Snowden? [VIDEO]

“We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” – William Casey, CIA Director 1981
Was Carr’s death a Coincidence? — Or a crude method of Information Control?

California’s populists want to know!




David Carr Found Dead Just Hours After Interviewing Edward Snowden [VIDEO]


david carr 111111111


Published on Feb 12, 2015

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Media columnist David Carr, who wrote the Media Equation column for The New York Times and penned a memoir about his fight with drug addiction, collapsed at his office and died on Thursday. He was 58.

Just hours before his death he had moderated a “Times Talks” conversation with Edward Snowden, director Laura Poitras and journalist Glenn Greenwald about the documentary “Citizenfour,” which chronicles Snowden’s leak of National Security Agency documents. Carr, engaged as always, drew them out with pointed questions and wry observations to speak candidly about the film.


1975 CIA secret weapon of assassination Heart Attack Gun [VIDEO]


A CIA secret weapon used for assassination shoots a small poison dart to cause a heart attack, as…

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Sweep The Poor Under The Rug 101


1.   HOBO TOWNS?  Tourist Restaurants With No
— Did You Know that many major U.S. cities once had safe, leak-proof, well-policed lean-to neighborhoods in its fringes, like in Mexico City, and like in pre-World Cup Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro?

We used to call them “Hobo Towns.” Sacramento had one. So did San Francisco.

      1.  A.   San Francisco  —  In the 1980’s, the faux-liberal S.F. Mayor Dianne Feinstein bulldozed the residents of the City’s safe Mission Bay Canal Community out onto the streets, to make way for developer bonanzas like today’s condos for the rich and ATT Park.

“During the administration of Mayor Dianne Feinstein (1978-1988), San Francisco saw a development boom referred to as ‘Manhattanization.’ ”  —  [ ]

That same mayor — that same S.F. WORSHIPER OF GENTRIFICATION — at that same time, was also putting San Francisco onto tourists’ blacklists everywhere, at least for those tourist families who had tiny children.

We know of one angry Indiana family who had been forced to scour the entire city looking for a restroom for their anxious toddler, before finding one at a McDonald’s who had dared to defy Mayor Feinstein’s [anti-poor, anti-family, anti-elderly] anti-bathroom directive!

(The late columnist Herb Caen often berated the Mayor, for her latter policy.)

       1. B SACRAMENTO  — Then in 2011 and 2012, the City and County of Sacramento governments similarly kicked the poor out of their riverbank camp community.

“This is positively shameless!” wrote one reader. “How can our elected officials have people physically displaced from a camp where there is at the very least some form of community without providing adequate alternatives? Seems they would much rather have them simply slink off into the bushes. Out of sight, out of mind!”    [ ]

The very-hot-in-the-summer City of Sacramento has become so Tent-a-Phobic, that even private homeowners and their children are NOT ALLOWED to pitch tents for any longer than one night!  IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS!     [] 

Back in the 1960’s, also in Sacramento, lonely seniors had been chased out of the downtown park near the Central Library, to discourage them from patronizing Sacramento’s Central Library and Main Post Office.   To deprive senior gents of limited means of having a life.


1.  C.   ALBANY, CALIFORNIA  —  In May 2014, Campers Were Evicted from the “Albany Bulb“.  They were chased onto the streets of nearby Berkeley, which city, in turn, protested!  [–By-Lydia-Gans ]


1.  D.    SAO PAOLO & Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL  —  The evicted poor have been forced to relocate into abandoned factories.   [ ]    



      2.    REDEVELOPMENT?  — In the 1960’s and 1970’s, San Francisco, Sacramento, and countless other American cities had the brilliant idea to sweep blue collar workers out of town via redevelopment — especially blue collar workers who were also Black.

As a consequence, “California cities, a destination for black migrants from 1940 to 1970, have changed as well. The state has lost black migrants for the first time in three decades. San Francisco has had the largest decrease in black population.”

[ ]


3.   ABOVE ALL, CONTINUALLY COVER YOUR CORRUPTION BY SHOUTING “AFFORDABLE HOUSING!” —  Even while making Public Housing more and more difficult to access.






Are Free Markets a Good Thing?

If free markets are a good thing, for whom are free markets a good thing?

“Advocating free markets is something you do to disadvantage your potential competitors as well as to more easily prevent other countries from enacting protections for their native industries. (Think of Japanese rice growers as another example.) Advocating free markets is not a friendly sort of thing, it is rather an aggressive move to disadvantage your less developed trading partners. Free markets are a good thing for someone dominating a market and a bad thing for those not so dominant. Dr. Friedman must have understood this, in that he was a one-sided capitalist: he was on the side of the capitalists who controlled markets to their advantage and to everyone else’s disadvantage. Free markets worked in his mind because they made rich people richer, the rest be damned.”